Ashley Rineman Blog #1

Ashley Rineman Blog #1

Editor's note: Junior All-Capital Athletic Conference libero Ashley Rineman has agreed to write a periodical blog about the 2011 York College volleyball season. Ashley is a nursing major and is one of the Spartans' very good students with a 3.46 GPA. To learn more about Ashley, check out her bio here.


Blog #1 - September 28, 2011

Well, this is the first time I have ever written a blog so we will see how this goes! So far the season has been filled with ups and downs and periods of us finding out what works on the court in different situations. We had some hard times two weekends ago, first at home vs. Gettysburg where we lost in three! I was disappointed in the loss but to drop our heads now won't help us throughout the season, we have to learn and move on. We followed that loss to the Bullets with two losses at our tri-match last weekend in Salisbury. The team came out wanting to take a win on the Salisbury's home court whether it was to Salisbury or not considering they are one of our biggest rivals in the CAC's. I feel the tri match that Saturday was a day of us picking ourselves up and cleaning up the pieces we were missing from the beginning. We played hard against both teams falling short by our own mistakes. After these two days of going 0-3 the coaches and captains (Jana Arentz, Cortni Rentzel and Heather Bucher) decided that practices need to focus more on the little things such as correct forms for passing, hitting, and blocking so that in a game situation we can utilize this and become a better team with the basics. So far it seems to be of help. Our front row is becoming stronger now and our defense is picking up on the tendencies of one another and is more able to read where the ball is going to go when the other team is about to hit. Kevin is still stressing the Coach Kabb tapes at practice and I know personally for me, it really helps! These tapes are motivation speaking and allows the team to learn how to anchor great moments and the benefits of positivity and focusing their energy! I know many times the team uses these techniques such as visualizing a perfect pass, set or kill; focusing our energy on the inside before the big game against Salisbury; and also the confidence we need to have in ourselves and in one another.

This past weekend we had the Spartan Volleyball tournament. We won this tournament last year by going undefeated but this year we lost to Salisbury in the finals 3-1. Our play was greatly improved and I believe we will only get better from here. We sought revenge against Swarthmore with a killer 3-0 win with a 14-0 start in game 3! We also won against SUNY IT and Centenary to come out first in our pool, which put us against Salisbury for the championship game. We were all excited to play Salisbury and I know we had desire to win. I want to beat Salisbury before I graduate and I really hope we take them in the CAC's to win the banner! I mean what a better feeling than to beat a team when it counts and take the title from them!!! The team is preparing to face Saint Mary's on Thursday September 29th at home for another Capital Athletic Conference match.

Go Spartans!