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York (Pa.) Tennis
Wesley vs York (Pa.) (Apr 9, 2011)

York (Pa.) 9, Wesley 0
Apr 9, 2011 at York, Pa.

Singles competition
1. Travis Klein (YCP) def. Christopher Maximo (WES) 8-4
2. Nathaniel Hoskins (YCP) def. Nick Barr (WES) 8-3
3. Tyler Cheatham (YCP) def. Cochise Lucas (WES) 8-1
4. Justin Wertley (YCP) def. Kevin Mangini (WES) 8-1
5. Eric Cooperman (YCP) def. No player (WES), by default
6. Tim DeYoung (YCP) def. No player (WES), by default

Doubles competition
1. Travis Klein/Colin Jones (YCP) def. Christopher Maximo/Cochise Lucas (WES) 8-3
2. James Villari/Eric Cooperman (YCP) def. Nick Barr/Ryan Mancuso (WES) 8-0
3. Ryan Harvey/Justin Hostetter (YCP) def. No player/No player (WES), by default

Match Notes
Wesley 0-7 (0-5 CAC)
York (Pa.) 8-3 (2-2 CAC)

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