Jon Ports' 2009 Season Blog

Welcome to another new feature of! Senior All-American Jon Ports will be posting a blog each week, providing insight to the 2009 York College men's soccer team. Below is Ports' blog about the season. Enjoy!

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2009 - 4:25 PM - Jon Ports concludes his blog

    A lot of thoughts come to mind when writing this blog and thinking about the last game I was in. It’s a disappointment when your college career comes to an end and you have no more blogs to write and no more practices and games. This will be my final blog and I know the faithful readers will have to hold back their tears, but it will be alright.
    We awoke early on Saturday morning to go to the Grumbacher and have a nice team breakfast together before we played Williams at 11 a.m. in the Sweet 16. We had a nice assortment of bagels, muffins, fruit, and Gatorades to have a healthy breakfast. People were anxious in the locker room to get out there and get ready to play. I know I was nervous because ever since we entered the tournament you know that this could very well be your last game on that field wearing the York jersey.
    I was very confident in the beginning of the game because Justin Suchoski played me a great ball in which I was able to convert into an early goal. I was hoping we could keep rolling from their but they played some good defense throughout the game. Just before half, they were able to neutralize the score at 1-1. From there on out, it was a battle between two good teams and no one was able to get a goal although we did have some good opportunities. The game ended up going into penalty kicks which is an awful way to end a game. We lost in penalty kicks and as soon as the last kid on their team made there kick, I knew my season had ended.
    Emotions rushed heavily into my body and I didn’t know what to think. My amateur career was over. From the time I could walk I was playing soccer. Thousands of hours had been put into my life playing soccer from youth to club to high school to college. And that all ended in that very moment. I love the game of soccer and when I’m out there on that field in practice or games, nothing else matters. You’re out there with your friends kicking it around and not worrying about anything outside those lines. I’ve had a fantastic three years here (after transferring in as a sophomore) and appreciate the opportunity to come here and play. I’ve made some great friends on this team and I know we will all keep in touch throughout the years.
    I would like to thank my parents for coming to about every game I’ve ever played in and always supporting me. My grandparents and aunt, uncle, cousins, and my brother and sister for the support. I want to thank the coaching staff for making me a better player and the trainers for always helping out, especially Allison. And I just noticed I could keep this list going and going for a while. But, everyone knows if they would have been mentioned. Thanks for reading this year and have a good life. Root for the Ravens baby, and O’s in the Spring!

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2009 - 12:30 PM

    It was another spectacular weekend with two wins for our squad and even a victory for the Ravens squad. Yet, I do admit it was a terribly boring game to watch.
    If you guys didn’t know, we are hosting the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 here at YORK! Also, I would like to inform you all that I received an “A” in my soccer class, which my mom was very proud of. I would have stayed true to my promise in the first or second blog that I would have quit soccer if I had not received an “A” in a sports class that I’ve been playing since I could walk. Thank you all for the support the student body, friends, family, alumni, and faculty gave us this weekend in our first and second round games.
    The night before we were able to go to a local Italian Restaurant called Sam and Tony’s, which had some fabulous meatballs. It was good for the team to get together and have a nice meal before our game on Saturday morning. In our first round game, we played Cazenovia College from NY. We didn’t know much about them but figured they would play a defensive game. Yet, we got on the board early with a head ball from Antonio Bua to put us up 1-0. After that, Lucas Emil hit a bomb in which the keeper couldn’t handle and it was an easy rebound for me to put away. A lot of the alumni have been complaining about the lack of celebrations present after goals. They’re tired of seeing the running around with your arms up until someone tackles you approach. So after my goal, Mike Gill decided to knight me with the corner flag. Hopefully, it was to the liking of the alumni, but I know the referees did not like it and told us to not let it happen again. Shortly after that Antonio and I were able to team up again for a give and go pass in which he netted to make it 3-0. A lot of the starters were able to rest up in the second half and the reserves got valuable minutes and they played really well. Mike Lansing was able to score two goals and Matt Swiderski was able to net one for a final score of 6-0.
    Once again we went to Sam and Tony’s because it was so good the first time and got another quality meal in Saturday night. We knew we had a strong opponent to face on Sunday in Amherst and we knew that they wanted some revenge because we knocked them out of the tournament two years ago. I was really upset at the fact that all of their players were tall. Most of them were easily six-foot and above. I’m barely pushing 5’ 8” and even saying that is a stretch. I was frustrated during the Amherst game because they had someone follow me around everywhere! Even if they were on offense, this kid was following me around. I was trying every juke move in the middle of the field to try to get away from him. Not fun! Luckily, Kemal and Antonio were able to link up and Antonio slotted one into the back of the net to take a 1-0 lead before half. Very early in the second half I was able to win a head ball (Yes, I won it fair and square) and Kemal was able to rush past their defense to put away the ball for a 2-0 lead. For the rest of the half we were able to maintain possession and run out the clock to get the win and advance to the Sweet 16!
    Please come out again and support our squad as we take on Williams College, the rivals of Amherst College. The game is on Saturday at 11 AM I presume. If we’re lucky enough to win, we play on Sunday. Thanks for reading.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009 - 2:20 PM

    It was a great week this week with the CAC tourney that went underway along with the NCAA tournament schedule coming out. Although the Ravens did lose again which I was really upset about, yet the CAC title made up for that.
    I was very happy with the fan support this weekend for the championship game against Stevenson. Thanks to everyone that was out their supporting and I’m sure if you weren’t there, you wanted to be.  We knew going into the game that it was going to be a physical battle because of our previous match with them. Also, we saw the amount of fouls that Stevenson had against Salisbury and knew they were going to do anything possible to try to get us off our game. Luckily, our team kept our cool and were able to walk away from several fouls that took place. We hopped on the board in the first half with a goal from Mike O’Connell who blasted it into the back of the net. It was 1-0 at half and we knew we needed more goals to finish the game off. We didn’t want to come out lightly and let them back into it. In the second half, Brett Sauerberger was able to connect on a corner kick from Lucas Emil to make it 2-0. With about three minutes left they got a goal and after that we knew we had to hold the ball and not give up any stupid goals. When that final whistle blew, I couldn’t have been more happy. My first and last CAC in my senior year… You can’t explain it. A good way to go out on top and finish the CAC’s.
    Our parents decided to take many pictures and we were able to talk to many of the alumni about the victory. Brian Carr and Kyle Brooten brought us crowns from Burger King to solidify our team's spot as “Kings of the CAC”.
    On Monday, I was checking my computer and phone in class the whole time just refreshing the website waiting for it to be posted and finally the official bracket came out for the NCAA tournament and we drew Cazenovia from NY. I hadn’t heard much about them but I was able to check their website and they seem to be a solid squad. Anyone who makes it into the tournament is going to test you, so were going to have to bring our “A” game no matter what everyday.
    We’ve been practicing hard for Saturday and hopefully the hard work will pay off. The game is on Saturday at 11:00 AM against Cazenovia! Please make it out and support us since its our first round NCAA tournament game. Thanks!

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2009 - 11:05 PM

    I’m glad I can blog about the Ravens again after they had lost three straight. Now they’re back on track by smashing the undefeated Broncos. And on a more serious note with the World Series, there couldn’t be two worse teams in it. Half my teammates are Philly fans and no one likes the Yankees. I wish it could end in a tie or replace one of the teams with the O’s. Next year is the O’s year, which is our slogan every year about 30 games in.
    Also, I attended Midnight Madness along with some of the other soccer players to see the basketball teams do work on the court. I can’t wait to see their season start because I’d like to see both of those teams play and do well. It’s good to have other sports teams support each other. I know I see a lot of the other teams at our games and hopefully we can show the same support for them.   
     In the soccer world though, we just had a nice victory over Mary Washington in the CAC semifinal. We knew going into this game that Mary Washington was a solid team. We tied them 0-0 earlier, about two weeks ago at their place where it was rainy and cold. Last year we were upset by Wesley in PK’s and we didn’t want to make the same mistake last year. Taking into consideration that I haven’t won a CAC title since I’ve been here, I definitely wanted to give 110% to try and win this one. Early on Kemal has a nice ball played into him and then he gave me a nice through ball which I was able to run on to and place in the net for the 1-0 lead. Later in the half, a great individual effort by Antonio Bua with a toe-poke into the goal gave us the 2-0 lead going into halftime. Early into the second half, a PK was given to Mary Washington in which they converted to make it 2-1. Shortly after, a throw in by Andy Stromberg into the box left Mike Gill slashing through to head it past the keeper for a 3-1 lead. Right after that, Kemal was able to draw a PK in which he then converted to make it a final score of 4-1. Overall, a pretty good game for us in which I thought we played up to our standard for a good part of the game.
    When I came off the field, I had heard that Stevenson had upset the #1 seed Salisbury at their place. I didn’t believe it until it had been confirmed between many people. Stevenson is a good team in which they can upset many teams and can’t be taken lightly. They almost upset us at their field, but we came out on top 2-1. And I know with the CAC title on the line, they’ll be ready for us. Were practicing hard this week and getting ready for Saturday.
    The CAC CHAMPIONSHIP is here at YORK at 2 PM on SATURDAY. Be there! Please come out and support us in the CAC title match against Stevenson. It could quite possibly be our last home game. Thanks!

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2009 - 11:35 PM

    I’m sorry I haven’t had a blog in about ten days or so, but I have a good reason for it, I promise; read on. You see, I am a student-athlete. Actually let me rephrase that in purpose for this blog. I am a student-athlete-blogger. As some of you may know who attend this school, all of the teachers decided to pile as many tests and papers on us as possible right before break! Last week I had a presentation on Monday, a five page paper due on Tuesday, a test on Wednesday, a group 12 page paper due and THREE tests on Thursday. I was pretty busy that week and as a student-athlete-blogger, school comes before soccer, and soccer before blogging. I’m sorry. I know many of you were anxiously waiting for my next blog, just like how a little kid on Christmas Eve waits for Christmas morning.
    On a serious note though, being a student-athlete really teaches you how to manage your time between school, sports, work, friends, family, and etc. You have to prioritize what you do and when you do it. As much as I want to watch new episodes of The Office and South Park, sometimes I must buckle down and get some work done. And now I make a proposal for the school board, which I hope they take into consideration. I know the student-athletes will agree with me on this one. Why do student-athletes have to take Physical Education classes????? It doesn’t make sense to me! We already put in at least fourteen hours of our sports a week, if not more. Our athletic director, Sean Sullivan and the Dean/President should meet and discuss this possibly. Good idea?
    And now to soccer! I’ll touch on each game shortly with a slight synopsis. We traveled to Wesley on a cold/rainy day and came out with a 4-1 win. Good win for us, since they upset us in the CAC semifinals last year on PK’s. We had Rutgers-Camden the next game and it was a nail-biter in the end because they tied it up with less then 3 minutes left. But, Travis Williams came to the rescue and netted the go-ahead goal to win 3-2. We traveled to Mary Washington this past weekend on their homecoming and it was freezing and raining. Those two combinations are never good. Their fans were pretty intense and probably intoxicated because I heard about every cuss word, diss, and mother insults possible. We ended up tying 0-0, which was a disappointing result and we could have done better.
    Hopefully, we can learn from our mistakes in these games and carry them into the upcoming games to get better results. We have Johns Hopkins (who the Spartans ended up tying 0-0) and St. Mary’s on Saturday at home, which is our senior game. I hope you can make it out for the senior game to support the seniors and I. Sorry for the late blog again, come out to the game, wish us luck, and have a good week!

        Your student-athlete-blogger

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2009 - 3:30 PM

    It was a pretty packed week this week with three matches and several practices. On Tuesday, we had to travel to Marymount which is in the D.C. area I believe. Traffic of course was awful going up and back, but its D.C., what do you expect. The game started off well with Mike Gill notching his first goal of the season early in the first half. It was a pretty physical match which had a lot of fouls called but we were able to put in two more goals before the game ended. Trey Good went down in the first half with a knee problem and he ended up tearing his ACL. You never want to see anyone on any team get any kind of injury, especially one that puts you out for six months. Mike O’Connell did that last year and my brother went through that twice in years before. It’s just unlucky and it’s a shame to see such good players sidelined for a prolonged period of time.
    The very next day we had to play Gallaudet. If you guys don’t know, Gallaudet is a school for the deaf and if a foul is called during a game, everyone puts up there hands to signal to them to stop the play. Their bus broke down and arrived late to the field. I was able to score a minute and thirty seconds into this game and came out right after that. We ended up netting six more and the game was stopped 20 minutes early due to darkness. This was a good game for us because everyone got to play a substantial amount of minutes.
    It was alumni weekend this past weekend and I was able to see a bunch of my old soccer buddies such as, Matt Beale (I’m the godfather of his son), Mike Nantais, Evan Scheffy, Chris Ports (not biologically related), Jason Mancuso, Rudy, Duffy, and several others. We watched the odd year vs even year alumni play each other early on Saturday and it was fun to see some of the old alumni from the 90’s and 2000’s play with each other.
    We played CNU on Saturday and before the game we were walked out by the FC York kids. It was cool since I was able to walk out with my cousin Colton Mumley who dons his locks just like me. We ended up suffering a 1-0 loss, our first of the season. They converted on a corner kick and we were unable to rally back and tie it up. We had some good opportunities, but our final passes weren’t connecting. Their organized defense certainly helped them keep the clean sheet. At halftime, the 1998 team who won the first CAC championship for York College soccer was honored. They were able to come in and talk to us before the game and gave us some insight on what they thought. They were very appreciative and happy with the team’s success over the years and it’s nice to know that they follow us and are checking up on how we are doing.
    The 1998 team left there legacy by winning the first CAC championship and my brother and his class left a legacy of probably becoming one of the classes to have the most wins in there career in four years. What legacy will my class and the classes after me leave for the future teams? And better yet, individually, what legacies will we leave in life for our family, friends, and workers? Everyone wants to be remembered, but for what? Got a little philosophical, but I felt it was the right time.
    Come out Wednesday and support us against MESSIAH! Always a classic game. Then on Saturday we travel to Wesley to hopefully resurrect some revenge from the CAC semifinal last year.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2009 - 2:15 PM

    Once again, it was another good week for football because the Ravens absolutely killed the Browns. Also, the Steelers lost to…the BENGALS?? Nice. And Mike Lansing’s, Ryan Hock’s, and Mike O’Connell’s Redskins lost to the worst team in football, Detroit. So now the Redskins could be the worst team in the league. Yes!
    We had two good days of practice on Monday and Tuesday and headed into our game with Stevenson on Wednesday. It was about an hour drive to the Maryland-based school, which I may add is a great state to live in and be a part of. Not that I am biased or anything. We started off the game slow and somewhat underestimated our opponents and they tucked an early one in to take a very early lead. We then battered their goal with about a dozen shots in the first half and couldn’t net one. Early in the second half I was able to hit a shot that the keeper deflected right to Travis Williams that he easily netted to tie the game. With 2 minutes left, Travis rewarded me with a nice pass that I was able to chip over one of the defenders with the goalie out to take the 2-1 lead to win it. I was so happy I was finally able to score because I had been in a little drought! Decent game for us but not our best and we knew we had to do better.
    Sore from the game before, most of the starters didn’t practice a lot and watched some video from the Stevenson game and examined our mistakes and good opportunities. And then most of us got in the freezing cold whirlpool. So cold! First couple minutes of that is terrorizing and when you finally get out, your legs feel like they’re crumbling. Fridays practice we talked about the upcoming game against Salisbury and what we had to do to be successful.
    Saturday came and we were up against our rivals, Salisbury. Some of the people from Sport Management were able to get a big student section together to march down to the field which was very nice and I hope they continue that. Salisbury got on the board first with goal and took a 1-0 lead into halftime. We fought back in the second half and were able to get goals from Scott Becker and Kemal to take the 2-1 lead. From then on out, we tried to defend a little bit and keep them from scoring the tying goal. But, in the last two minutes they were able to squeeze a goal in to make it 2-2. Then after two overtimes it still remained scoreless and the game ended in a tie. It was a bummer to tie our rivals, but we have to move on and get prepared for the next game. Some of the parents after the game had a nice setup of foods for us under the pavilion even though it was raining, but it was still very nice.
    I felt like I didn’t have my best performance on Saturday and was upset with myself. Its typical to hear from my family or someone after a game, “Good game.” But, I knew I didn’t have my best and I haven’t had my best season yet. I am my harshest critic and if I have a bad game, I get on myself and try to find out how to get better and improve. Hopefully, I find my way and start netting some goals soon! We have three games this week: Tuesday is away at Marymount, Wednesday is home vs. Gallaudet, and Saturday is Alumni weekend and we play St. Mary’s. Wish us luck!

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 - 8:15 PM

     Hi again and as you guys may know, we had a pretty good week. Not only in soccer though. The Ravens football team won their game on both Sundays that they played and are 2-0. Yes, I am a loyal Ravens fans and you can try to talk all the trash you want. I don’t care! And I’m guessing the Philly and Pittsburg fans won’t be reading this anymore! I’m a Baltimore boy and gotta root for the home team. Yes, even the O’s. Yet, I’ll probably never see them make the playoffs in my lifetime.
     So after two good practices on Monday and Tuesday, we were prepared for our game against Kean on Wednesday. We started our warm-up and as the clock was ticking down to the start of the game, but the other team still wasn’t at the field. Finally, they arrived about 10-15 minutes late and had little time to warm-up. We came out and netted two in the first half. Then in the second half we scored one late in the game to end the game at 3-0. It wasn’t our best performance of the season, but we did enough to get the result.
     I was upset after the game because I took a tackle to the knee, which put me out for most of the second half. And I hate sitting out on the sidelines. I’m too competitive to watch from the side. My new patella contusion as Allison Kunkel classified it, put me out of practice for the most part for the next two days. I had to do some rehab, ice, bike, and stretch it out for those two days to get it better for the game on Saturday. And the knee injury really made me mad because it made it hard to put socks and shoes on in the morning.
     School decided to hit me hard this week. My teachers decided to give me an eight page paper, a presentation, and a test all on Friday. I pretty much had to spend all my time working on one of these things and it made me miserable. Saturday finally came and my knee was feeling fairly better then it did before. We were playing Stevens Tech, a team that had lost [on penalty kicks] in the national finals the year before. I thought we held a good bit of the play and Antonio Bua was able to net a deflected ball to take a 1-0 lead. We were able to keep this lead for the second half to get the win. Overall, a solid win for the team which took our record to 5-0-1.
     After the game we had a nice little buffet meal of sandwiches and desserts to eat. I got to speak with a lot of the alumni afterwards including Kyle Brooten, Evan Scheffey, Kurt Lane, my brother, and even Mike Nantais who drove all the way from Christiana Mall in Delaware to watch.
    Later that night, a bunch of us were able to watch the Mayweather vs. Marquez boxing fight which was pretty entertaining even though Mayweather never knocks anyone out.
     Anyway, we have a game at Stevenson on Wednesday, and a home game against SALISBURY on SATURDAY! Always a big rival game and be sure to heckle my friends Justin McGrath, Kyle Sterling, and the goalie Greg Wellinghoff. Should be a good one, hope to see you out!

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 - 1:45 PM

    This whole week at practice most of the team focus was on finishing, movement in the offensive end of the field and our defensive shape. Every single day after practice, a couple others and I stayed after practice to work on some shooting with the keepers. I know one day we had practice at 2 pm and I didn’t get back to my house until 6 pm. Long hours were spent this week on shooting and trying to get better. I was just hoping that it would payoff in the games in Greensboro this past weekend. And it did.
    After classes and a practice on Friday, we left York around 4 pm on a coach bus headed for North Carolina. Once again, it was hard to get comfortable, but I made it work by switching up laying on the floor and the chair with a pillow and comforter. Yes, some of you may be thinking that’s gross lying on the floor and you may judge me, but don’t knock it until you try it! It was extremely comfortable and the vibration from the road was like a mini back rub. We watched some Family Guy episodes as well as Saving Silverman, which I hadn’t seen in like five years. Jack Black makes the movie pure class. We ended up arriving to our hotel probably around midnight, I guess.
    The room had two nice beds and a sweet 50 inch flat screen TV. We woke up early the next morning and were able to eat the continental breakfast, which was real good. I love the waffle makers personally. We then went back to the rooms and got ready to leave for our first game against NC Wesleyan.
    We came out strong early and drew two penalty kicks off of myself and Kemal being tackled in the box. We missed one and had Travis Williams convert the other for the 1-0 lead. It came to halftime and we knew we had to put another goal in soon to diminish the other teams spirits. Yet, halfway through the second half, they converted on a ball that we cleared to the top of the box and the kid had a nice finish. 1-1. With about 3 minutes left a ball was played overtop where Kemal flicked it on through the defense to me. I was one-on-one with the keeper and was able to tuck it passed him. I was happy because it was my first tally on the season and I was glad that staying after everyday to work on shooting paid off. The game ended up with a 2-1 victory.
    Later that day we went to Olive Garden where the coaches set up a nice meal with never ending pasta bowls. I ate way too much. But, it was too good to stop eating!
    The next day we played Greensboro College in which we scored four goals by O’Connell, Brummitt, Lucas, and Travis again. It was a good game for us because our offense started to click more and we were able to convert our opportunities. We won the tournament and decided to dump coach with the water cooler.
    On the way back we got to stop at Arby’s, Bojangles, or McDonalds. Considering that I haven’t been to Bojangles before I decided to try it out and was fairly impressed. B+. We watched Orange County and Slumdog Millionaire on the way back. I was really upset at Slumdog Millionaire because you can’t read captions on a twelve-inch tv from four seats back! We ended up getting back at 1 am and I went straight to bed. It was a lonnggggg trip.
    AND WE FINALLY HAVE A HOME GAME!!!! Come out on Wednesday and Saturday when we play Kean and Stevens Tech. Bring some friends, paint your bodies, heckle the opposing team to an extent, and cheer us on!
    Thanks for reading.


    We had our first game on Tuesday night against Susquehanna at Millville High School where Coach Ludwig graduated from. Everyone was amped for the game and ready to come out flying. Even with that mentality we came off to a slow start in the first half, but still had the edge in shots. After the other team received a red card in the second half Kemal received a ball from Travis Williams and hit a nice shot above the keeper to take the lead. After that I felt we dominated the game and should have scored a lot more opportunities from close in. The team ended up with a 1-0 victory. All in all the team got to play with each other more and we could hopefully take some chemistry into the next game.
    Although I am glad that preseason is done for us, taking six classes and having to wake up at 7 AM for 8 AM classes on Tuesday and Thursday is upsetting. But, I guess having my sixth class as soccer, I can’t complain. If I don’t get an A in that class, I’ll hang up the boots for life.
As a minor side note, I would like to point out freshman newcomer Michael Lansing donned a sick mullet for about a week. Then he got embarrassed and tired of wearing a hood for the first two days of classes and cut it. Yet, I think the look fit him quite well and should have kept it. It would have helped his chances of finding a girlfriend.
    Our next game was against Medaille, which is in Buffalo, NY. We left Saturday morning at 7:30 AM for a nice seven-hour bus ride. The movie selections were “The Hangover” and “Lord of War.” We got there early and got to spend an hour at Niagara Falls taking pictures. I was able to go back the next day with my family and go on the “Maid of the Mist” boat ride where you ride down near the falls. Needless to say, I got soaked!
    (The team) drove back through Buffalo to the field and got prepared for our game. It was a tough game and after the first half, it was level at 0-0. Once again, we held the edge in shots. In the second half, Aaron Good played a nice ball into Mike O’Connell who neatly tucked it into the corner for the 1-0 lead. Later in the game the other team received a soft PK call in which they converted to tie it 1-1. We bombarded the goal again with shots, but couldn’t finish them. The game ended in a tie and it was disappointing because it was a game we could have won had we finished our opportunities. I think were going to work on a lot of finishing this week since we could have easily had scored 8 goals in between the 2 games.
    We leave Friday for two games against Greensboro and NC Wesleyan, both of which were in the NCAA tournament last year. Wish us luck if you happen to see us pass by and I’ll have an update soon. Have fun in classes!


    This is my first time in the blogging world other than checking up on Andy Milonakis and Chad Ochocinco on twitter, so don’t judge me! And I guess blogging isn’t a word since it comes up on spell check, unless I’m spelling it wrong.
    The whole team minus the freshman just came back from a relaxing and amazing trip to Italy in early August. We vistited Chioggia, Venice, Florence, Pisa, and Rome. Whenever you would walk to a main tourist attraction at each place your jaw would drop in fascination. There is just so much beauty and history there, it was crazy! Yet, I could have done without the gypsies asking for money every second, the fake purse and sunglasses sellers, and the guy that wanted me to buy his brass knuckles. The food was amazing though, yet I could have done without eating ham sandwiches for breakfast EVERY single morning. Gets kind of old and it’s not breakfast food! Give me some Captain Crunch or a S’mores Pop-Tart. All in all, it was the best trip of our lives and a great team bonding experience.     
    Everyone had to report to preseason for the fitness test on the first day. Bright and early we awoke to hit the track. We had to run 1.5 miles on 9 minutes, 3 laps separately in 80 seconds each and 2 half laps separately in 40 seconds. Right after the test we had practice in which no one could really move too fluently. Not a fun morning. It was a sigh of relief for the seniors and I afterwards because we knew that was the last fitness test we had to do at York College! For about one and half weeks we’ve had two practices a day. One at 8:30 am and the other at 6:30 pm, all with pool sessions and eating at (Johnson Dinning Hall) in between. (Johnson Dining Hall) was providing us with the healthy food that we needed to re-energize our bodies for that next practice…
    Now we prepare for our first game against Susquehanna on Tuesday night. Hopefully the team comes together and meshes we'll to get the W. Wish us luck and I’ll have another update soon!